NOLA Styled Shoot || New Orleans, Louisiana

Have I told you that we love the city of New Orleans, Louisiana? The people, the culture, the music, the landscape- it's all so unique.  I fell in love the first time I visited, and then again every time I've been back.  When our very dear friends recently moved there from Maine we were excited for them because they are writing their own love story, and also excited for us because it would be an excuse to visit the city we love so much.  Magalie (from France) and Bryan (from the United States) met while Bryan was visiting Quebec City, Canada from Fort Collins, Colorado. They fell in love and Bryan moved to the northern tip of Maine to be closer to Magalie while she worked on gaining her residence in the United States.  Residency gained, the couple moved to New Orleans to write their next chapter. Shortly after they moved there we headed down south for a visit. 

We had been eyeballing this beautiful venue in New Orleans called Il Mercato and really wanting to work with them and do a photo shoot there. We chatted with the planner before our trip, and she let us know they had a Monday morning available during the time we would be there so we jumped on it. We arrived in New Orleans on Thursday and after some quality time catching up with friends and seeing my first ever NOLA parade (whoa) I got to work finding vendors that were interested in being part of the styled shoot.  We had already been working with Knotty Tie Company and Avo Ink, so we brought the ties and calligraphy down with us from Colorado, and then at the Frenchman Art Market we met two of the other awesome vendors who were willing to participate on short notice for the jackets and the jewelry.  Magalie and I spent a day wandering around visiting local wedding dress shops, but not a lot were open on a Monday, or interested in loaning out their dresses for a shoot (due to unfortunate previous experiences with people stealing/ruining dresses, which is super sad!) so we were so happy when we met Dawn from The Red Carpet LLC - her store on Magazine Street was buzzing with people and she took the time to help us pick out some gorgeous garments.  I would say we came up with an honest and fun styled shoot, considering it was pretty thrown together. Thank you so much to everyone for making this happen and a huge shout out to Magalie, Bryan and Dani (from NOLA Brewing) for stepping up and being our models for this shoot. 

Venue: Il Mercato New Orleans, Louisiana

Earrings + Necklaces by: Brynna Mollahan of Lunar Fringe Outpost

Dresses provided by: Red Carpet New Orleans 

Men's jackets provided by: Charles Anderson of  1 of 1 Blazers

Calligraphy by: Natalie Carrasco of Avo Ink

Men's Ties by: Knotty Tie Company 

Flowers and boutonniere by: Sonja Salzburg of Sonja K Photography (I bought the flowers at the Fresh Market and put the bouquet together- then I just picked up a dried twig that fell from the kumquat tree and called it a boutonniere...what?) 

Sweets by: Sucré New Orleans