• what to expect at your family photo session

I usually allow up to a full hour for family sessions, but depending on the age of the kiddos, sometimes things get wrapped up as quickly as 45 minutes.  I recommend bringing along several layers, or a few different outfits, just to spice things up, and don't shy away from bright patterns or colors- as a photographer I think some of the best session have "clashing" patterns or colors that don't "match."  The only thing I stress is to make sure you are comfortable.  Nothing translates more into a photograph than when you are uncomfortable in your outfit - so wear whatever makes you feel like a million bucks, and it will shine through in your portraits.  That being said, sometimes it's fun to put kiddos in adorable outfits that aren't necessarily the most comfortable... but we can photograph those quickly and get them out of the way- because you're only an adorable kid once!  

  • what to expect at your personal portrait session

depending on where we go for the session, I usually allow around 2 hours for the actual photography portion- most people are exhausted after that amount of time, but if you're a champ, most likely I'll keep photographing until we're both in need of a giant nap.  If you are a model, you probably know what to expect- but if you're not a model, you are probably worried about how awkward you look in photos, and how you're not a "natural" - but that is why I do what I do.  I work really hard to make everyone comfortable in front of my lens.  I have been photographing "awkward" people for decades, making them look their best, and their most natural- you will not be any different- I promise.  I love making portraits of people, and it shows in my final images.  

  • what to expect in your couples' in-home session

while I have consultations for every session, this is just a small overview of what to expect at a couple's in-home session.  You will feel relaxed.  You will have fun.  Together we will create beautiful images that capture the love between you and your partner.  Some of it will be cheesy- that's just because as a person I'm cheesy- but the images will not look cheesy.  You will look natural, and you will have an honest look into your life that you can share with the world, or keep as a personal keepsake between the two of you forever.  

  • what to expect at your wedding

my style for wedding photography goes a little something like this: capture the day- whatever it takes.  Most of the time you won't notice I'm there- I like to hang around in the background and capture the candid moments, the "in-between" moments, the real-life moments.  But there is also a time where I will need to direct your entire family and wedding party - and while I am nice and funny and silly, I have no reservations about bossing around anyone who needs it (and believe me- on your wedding day, lots of people will need it)  After our pre-wedding consultations, I will have a list of all the important people and combinations that you want for your family formals, and I will make sure that the list is completed in a timely manner.  I work with your wedding planner before your wedding to make sure the timeline has enough time built in to get every shot that you want.  And every wedding is different- if you have a 17 person wedding party, those shots will take longer than a 2 person wedding party- but this is all planned out beforehand, so on your wedding day, you have nothing to worry about, and can relax and enjoy everything that you've been looking forward to for a long time.