Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
— Oscar Wilde

Sonja K Salzburg || Sonja K Photography

Colorado + OREGON || Weddings, Engagements + Portraits



everyone hates having their photo taken, right? HOWEVER everyone LOVES a good photo of themselves, yes? (hello, selfies) Well I’m here to bridge that geography- I’m here to give you the easiest route to photographs that you love. 

I’ve been a photographer of people since I was in middle school, and a teller of love stories for the past 10 years. My passion is photographing people. You might say it’s an obsession… except that I do take breaks to drink coffee, eat red vines, and hang out with my own family, soo…. maybe it is just a passion. 

This life is short but sweet, and I want to photograph all the good parts. If life is a sandwich, I want to photograph the avocados (um, because what sandwich DOESN’T have avocados on it? Oh, I guess maybe a peanut butter and honey one? Hmmm- maybe this sandwich analogy doesn’t work- but I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love getting to photograph the good stuff- I LOVE IT!)

My special skill is making awkward people feel comfortable enough to get amazing photos that they want to hang in their homes, or share with the world. 

I’m no stranger to feeling awkward when I’m in front of the camera - I usually have to ask other photographers where to put my hands when I’m getting my photo taken. But when I’m behind the camera, I know exactly how to direct and guide you into getting the best photos, either on your wedding day, or with your family, or alone in the middle of a field of lavender.

Photos are important. I think back to how I learned about my family history, pouring over my grandparents’ wedding albums, looking at the family resemblances in all the old black and white photos of our summer cabin 100 years ago, putting together a collage for my high-school graduation and remembering all the fun things my family did through photographs.

The point is: DON’T WAIT! Don’t wait until you lose 20 pounds (that’s bullshit anyway) - don’t wait until you have a better haircut (it might actually be worse next year- who knows) don’t wait until you (fill in the blank here) - whatever it is, don’t wait! Life is too short! Life is precious! You and your family are the youngest you’re ever going to be - this is the only time in your life you will all be this age together, or look the way you do right now - in a year, you’ll wish you had these photos to look back on. Instead, you’ll be getting more photos done, and comparing how much you have all grown, or aged, lived, laughed and loved. You’ll remember the dimples, the smiles, the dirty hands, the scabbed knees. You’ll remember real life, and how it was, and you’ll be able to add to those memories by taking more photos in the future. It’s a gift to you, it’s a gift to your kids, it’s a gift to your extended family - it’s a gift to get photos taken of your family together. So don’t wait.