Ryan Page Dancer and Model || Denver, Colorado Portrait Photographer

I'm not going to lie to you....I have a muse. This is Ryan Page, and he is a very talented dancer/model/artist/free spirit/loving soul/friend currently living in Denver. You can see a tiiiiiny bit of his work HERE and HERE, but I honestly think he's always working- always creating, and it can't all be captured and contained by the internet.  Ryan studies dance at the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado.  In addition to his studies, Ryan dances in pieces all over the country and around the world. He was just recently dancing in Berlin, and then at Art Basel in Miami, and will soon leave the front range for the sun of California.

It is so awesome when our schedules can come together and we can get together for a session. I absolutely love working with Ryan.  He is creative, receptive, edgy, fearless, and that body doesn't quit.  He comes to shoots with his own fun ideas and he knows how to communicate his vision. Our shoots are always laid back, and we build on each other's energy - with Mr. Page no idea is too crazy or outlandish, and I can't get enough.

For this session we met at a beautiful and funky queer community home in Denver, where we explored a bit and hashed out our ideas, then worked our way around the house and property.  We wanted it to be organic, honest, and natural.  There was almost a segment with boiled beet juice poured over him in the bathtub, but there is a thing as overboard... so we restrained ourselves.  Some of my favorite shots are from the patio and backyard. The light was cooperating with us, and I like the feel of those images. Ryan is a pro and it comes through instantly.  When he moves he is fluid and graceful, pretty much like you would expect from someone who has studied how to move for so long. I'm so glad that Ryan and I are friends and collaborators.  He is an incredible artist with a bright future, and I can't wait to work him again.  

You may have already caught the blog from when Ryan and I went to Rocky Mountain National Park.  Luckily he survived the cold to do another session. Thank you, doll!