Blackburn Family Maternity || Fort Collins, Colorado Portrait Photography

Nick and Danielle are dear to me because, not only are they good friends of ours, but I was able to photograph their wedding a few years ago (um, maybe I'll post pictures from that on my website someday??) and now I'm getting to document their adorable family!  They moved to Fort Collins from the midwest, and I don't think they have regretted it for one second- I know we love having them here!  They are active in the community and are in the process of laying down real roots here in Northern Colorado.  They are both avid cyclists (which is a major part of Fort Collins life), and they are both beer literate (another important part of Fort Collins Culture).  Colorado has become home for them, and Fort Collins is a wonderful place to raise a family.  They lucked out and got here just in time- seriously - the housing market is out of control.  But that's another post for another time.  Or for never... 

But it is so amazing to get watch a family grow like this and change over the years.  The next chapter of their story is currently being written with the recent birth of their son!   He was born last week a healthy, happy baby to even happier parents.  As soon as they have settled in with their little son we'll be doing a newborn session, and I will be sure to post Blackburns Part II on the blog once I get to meet that little bundle of cuteness.

It is really a special time to be able to hang out with the family before the first baby is born.  The preparation, the anticipation, the nervousness, the calm.  The not knowing- the waiting.  It's all such a beautiful thing, and I enjoy getting to be a part of it.  Nick and Danielle worked hard getting the nursery in order and preparing for their new arrival - family heirlooms hanging around the room, coupled with handmade gifts from friends, soon-to-be grandparents, and then personal touches from the bike-riding, hip, Fort Collins parents.  These photos were done just a few weeks before the baby was born.  It is a new chapter in their lives and I know that they are going to be kick-ass parents.  In our next session with ze behbeh, everything will be different - the same, but different (if that makes any sense!).  I'm honored that they are letting me tell their story, and I can't wait to keep photographing their beautiful family and meet the new little guy!  Congrats you two (three)!