Riss Family || Loveland, Colorado Family and Portrait Photographer

I have known the Risses for quite a while now- and yes, to answer your question- they have always been this adorable.  I photographed their engagement back in the day, we were guests at their super-fun wedding, and now I am so excited to be able to document their cute little growing family!  This is truly what I love about being a photographer.

We kept things simple and had a chill after-breakfast session at their house.  We started inside on their funky retro patterned couch, and then brought their vintage sofa outside (to the field of flamingos, obviously) for some cozy family photos.  We got to play with some toys, some garden equipment (also technically toys), we checked out a tractor that was parked in front of the house (suuuper cool), we spotted planes flying overhead, and of course had a family giggle sesh.

I love photographing in people's homes for family sessions, especially when they have little kids.  Everyone feels comfortable, and we can use the everyday objects that have meaning as backgrounds and accessories to their photos.  Also, to be completely honest, it's also because I get to meet and snuggle their dogs. Leonard didn't make the cut into the blog, but he is probably one of the cutest doggies on the planet, and is an actual mascot for the company Rob works for, Go West T-Shirt Company.  (you can see him occasionally on their instagram, or check out his profile on their website)

At the time of this photo session they were expecting, and have since welcomed, an adorable baby girl to the world!  Congrats to this wonderful family, and I can't wait for our next photo session together!