Lauren + Brian Engagement || Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Colorado is not known for being one of the rainiest states, yet for a hot minute there a few weeks ago we were getting rain Every. Single. Day.  All day.  Now, while I AM a huge fan of a rainy spring (and not a snowy one) because it means hopefully a summer without raging forest fires, it's not necessarily the best weather for a photographer doing mountain engagement sessions.  BUT - luckily I had brave souls who ventured up into Rocky Mountain National Park with me and took a chance that perhaps we would see some sun.  Not only did we photograph in the only break in the storms for days, but it actually got downright warm!  Like, I was in a tank top and flip flops!  I love you, Colorado. 

Lauren and Brian recently moved to Boulder and found me through Cherry Bomb Events, who are amazing and will be planning their beautiful wedding in September, and I am just so HAPPY that they chose me to capture their love! They are two of the nicest people, and we had so much fun at this shoot, I can only imagine how fabulous their wedding is going to be! 

There was also a very small wedding going on on the other side of the lake while we were doing this engagement session- and I'm not going to lie, we DID take a moment to stop and watch. (I only got a little bit teary-eyed, I promise)  I just can't help myself!  I love love, I do!  I have been so amazed lately at the incredible people I get to know and photograph.  

I seriously get weepy when I think about all the awesome relationships I get to photograph - I am able to document love - the intangible - and my job is to capture a tiny bit of it and give it to my couples for them to keep forever.  It's an amazing thing.