Dana + Daniel || Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

It's not every day that I get to fly to a beautiful beach across the country and photograph the wedding of someone I've known since they were in middle school.  What a trip!

When my family moved to Colorado it was the summer between my sophomore and junior year of high school (yeah, ugh) and the year before my little sister was going into middle school (please don't ask me to do the math on how many years apart we are in age- sometimes it's 5 years, and sometimes it's 6 - my brain hurts).  Moving during the summer meant we had no friends except each other. (hence the reason why we sat downstairs every day, watching The 5th Element on repeat and painting our nails red- don't ask my why we did this.  Well, you obviously know the reason we watched The 5th Element- because it's one of the best movies ever made- but I don't know why we were obsessed with painting our nails red- ANYWAY) One day our doorbell rang and a mom down the street had brought her daughter over, who was exactly my sister's age, and suggested that they be friends, since we were new here.  I mean, do things like that even happen anymore?  What a sweet and welcoming gesture that was!  They became instant besties, enjoying the same things together, singing, dancing, theater, dressing up like TLC for Halloween (I really should bust out all the embarrassing photos I have of the two of them together - but this is a post about a beautiful wedding, so I won't)  

So here we are, 18 years later (uhhhh, time flies like the wind and fruit flies like bananas?  something like that) and our whole family flew out to the East Coast (the South East?  Is that a thing? Clearly I'm from California...) to celebrate with Dana and her amazing new husband Danny.  

For the wedding weekend, they rented a bunch of beach houses for everyone to stay in - we struck gold and treasured our time in Pirateland (see what I did there? You might have seen some of those photos if you follow me on instagram or snapchat @skruger22) but the wedding-day festivities happened in one of the most beautiful oceanfront mansions I've ever stepped foot into.  The ceremony was a casual beach affair, taking place after a wicked, but quick, thunderstorm, followed by a beautiful rainbow displayed for the newlyweds. The day-of getting ready happenings and the reception party were all at the giant beach/house/mansion, and the dancing went late into the night. We couldn't love a couple more than we do Dana and Danny, and we couldn't wish for more happiness than we do for them.

Thank you for having us as photographers and guests at your beautiful wedding!!  We love you both!!