day after election day thoughts

I don't know what happened last night - I'm still trying to wrap my brain around this America I'm living in right now. I've only been on instagram for a minute, I've seen a lot of #notmypresident posts, and I've seen a lot of despair, and people are scared. People I know are scared for their actual lives- lives we all fought to protect, lives we are currently still fighting to protect- gay lives, trans lives, black lives, muslim lives, latino lives, women's lives - I don't get "political" on this business blog, but I don't actually think these are "political" matters anymore. This is real life, and it's happening right now, and it's time to talk about it. Later today I have a podcast interview about being authentic in your professional life, and I guess this is how you do it - by being honest. All I can do in this life is fight for what I believe in, run my business in a way that aligns with those beliefs, and create a space for love in this world. 

I have a choice in how I live, and how I run my business, and I choose to love. I choose to respect. I choose to take action, to keep moving, to keep fighting, to keep living a life of honesty, and truth, and open-mindedness. I vow to fight to keep the rights we've fought for in the past, and to make sure we don't lose them in the future. I vow to let love win.  Love always wins - it has to. I've said this several times this year, and I'm just going to keep right on saying it. Silence is dangerous.

I run my business like this:

Gay people - welcome

Trans people - welcome

Black people - welcome

Muslim people - welcome

Women people (because they ARE people, in case anyone has forgotten) - welcome

Dog people - welcome

Cat people - welcome

Snake people - um...

Yoga pants-wearing people - welcome

Vanilla ice cream-loving people - welcome (boring, but welcome)

All People - welcome

I run my life like that, too. I don't know what's going to happen in the near future, but I'm going to keep my head held high, stay positive, and keep fighting the good fight, as my husband would say. Actually he did say that. This morning. I stole that from him, almost verbatim. Good thing we run this business together. 

If you need loving, silly, fun, ridiculous, crazy, bad-ass photographers for your LGBTIQ+ wedding, or family, or party, or vacation, or celebration, or even if you need a safe place to talk and be heard- hit us up - you're always welcome here.

photo taken directly from our fridge 

photo taken directly from our fridge