Chrissy + Michael at the Ranch || Talent, Oregon Portrait Photographer

We were able to visit Chrissy and Michael at their ranch in Talent, Oregon this past fall.  These photographs are special because, not long after we left Oregon, Michael's mother passed away. She was a tough German cowboy, and she lived an amazing life in a beautiful place. 

This was a particularly wild day at the ranch, as they were trying to get Patriot the Bull into their trailer and Patriot was having NONE of it.  Seconds after we locked eyes through my camera, he broke through the fence and was tromping about in the front yard of the ranch house, crushing trees and scratching his head on shrubs- all 1500 lbs of him. Scary stuff, but with a little flare and dance Michael and Chrissy were able to get him back into the pasture safely. Long story short, there was no trailer ride for Patriot the Bull that day. We left him to snack on grass and went for a walk around the 38 acre ranch. 

We are honored that these images mean so much to our dear friends. Thank you for having us at your beautiful property. We loves you guys.  

Patriot the Bull