Yes, 2015 requires TWO exclamation points!  Maybe even three!!!  Or four!!!!  I'm so excited for this year- I can feel so many big things on the horizon- both in my regular life and in Sonja K Photography.  I have my own wedding out of the way now (thank you, thank you) and am basking in the bliss of being a newlywed- it doesn't hurt that my husband wakes up before I do every morning and makes me coffee and breakfast, but I digress.  

I figure I should start with a few blog posts from last year that I wasn't able to post- some of my favorite weddings and things, and then I'll start posting from this year- I already have so much I want to share!!  Be on the lookout for new posts to come, and I hope you're having a wonderful 2015 so far!  (have you written it yet?  It's super weird!  I usually get used to writing the date right around Halloween- I have a long way to go still)  Happy New Year!!

love these boys & this film - Old Town, Fort Collins, Colorado - Acros 100 //  Pentax 645 // f2.8