Momma + Me Sessions

Saturday April 7, 2018   :   20 minute sessions   :   9am-11am

Sonja K Photography offering 20 minute Momma + Me sessions on Saturday April 7, 2018

Mommas need to be in the pictures too!

In the age of the selfie, I think we feel like we get a lot of time in front of our camera phones - we throw on a Snapchat or Instagram filter, and post it on social media, where it gets lost in the vastness of the internet. I want us to be present with our children in front of a real camera, and give them the gift of physical prints, and images that will solidify their memories forever.

I still love looking at old photos of my mom with my sister and me- thinking about who she was when I was still too little to appreciate what an amazingly strong, beautiful, selfless woman she is, and I cherish every snapshot, every holiday family photo, and I can't bear to think about it, but I know that someday it's all I'll have to remember her by.

So give this gift to yourself, but also give this gift to your children. They deserve to have you in front of the lens with them. These are quick, fun sessions, with a GORGEOUS floral backdrop, to remind you that being a mom is joyful, and this time with your babies is fleeting. Treat yourself to stepping into the frame, stepping into their memories, and creating moments together with your little ones, so they can keep these images forever. 

The sessions are $250 for 20 minutes in a beautiful natural light studio in Denver. You will receive all of the professionally edited images from the session via an online gallery and download. Fancy dresses can be rented for $50 - just let me know if you're interested and I can send you a brochure to choose which one you'd like. 100% of the proceeds from the dress rentals goes to Love Justice International, a non-profit waging war on sex trafficking, which is pretty awesome, too.

Sonja K Photography Momma and Me Sessions April 7 2018


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Sessions are : Saturday April 7th - between 9am and 11am